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My experience working online

When I moved to Antigua in Guatemala I started to work online. I am working as a Travel Blogger and Freelancer in Online Marketing and since recently we opened our Online Shop Mayalla. Most people who work online can relate that it can be very lonely sometimes. Because you don’t have any colleagues, you are basically the whole day by yourself with your computer. First, I started to go and work in different cafes that have fast internet. To escape my loneliness at home. But fast I realized that in a cafe you don’t really find the social interaction neither. Because most people won’t talk to you. They either are concentrated working on their computer or already came with friends, I looked for a better solution. That’s when my friend Katty invited me to go to work in Impact Hub Antigua. It is a Coworking Space that is centrally located and people from all over the world that work online come together here and use it like an office space. You basically pay a monthly membership fee of 108 $ and for this you can use their desks and internet and you can even use the kitchen for free.

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Impact Hub Antigua – The kitchen 

They have free coffee, microwaves to warm up your food, fridges and a lot of dishes that you can use. There are 2 employees that keep the kitchen and the workspaces clean at all times. I realized how much money I saved by not eating out in the restaurants the whole time. I started cooking my food for several days and brought it to Impact Hub. They have a pretty cool juice bar which where I often bought fresh smoothies and delicious ice coffees. 

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The community aspect

I felt like I wanted to share this experience with you because I can imagine that there are more people out there who feel frustrated working at home all day without any company. I can really advice anyone who feels lonely to try and go working in a cowering space. I got to know many different people from different nationalities and different professions and I even ended up collaborating with others from the Coworking Space in some projects. And it happened a lot that I found people there who were experts in a field that I was not good at and I could ask them for advice. 

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My favourite place in Impact Hub – the rooftop

My favorite place in Impact Hub Antigua was definitely working on their amazing rooftop with view over the volcanos. The internet was good up here and I always like to work in outdoor spaces with a nice view. There were even some couches with umbrella in case you want to take a break and relax. 

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Any recommendations?

Now that I will go to travel to Europe (Germany and Spain) soon, I am looking forward to exploring more Coworking Spaces in different countries! Can you recommend me a Coworking that you liked in particular? I want to travel to South America next year and would love to hear about your favorites <3 Just leave a comment below! 

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