I am Katharina Schumann from near Frankfurt in Germany. In my travel and lifestyle blog I give valuable tips, talk about the latest travel destination and fashion styles and blog about the nice things in life. I am always open for your ideas, comments & suggestions. I want to inspire you to live the life of an adventurer and follow your dreams 💜 IMG_7362 PERSONAL

How everything started…

I am Katharina, known on Instagram as ‘Katharinsh‘. I come from a very small town (800 people to be exact) in the middle of Germany (near Frankfurt). Yes, it’s a real village, surrounded by nothing than mountains and forest. I grew up in the nature, which is really beautiful, but can become a bit boring, too. I always dreamed of travelling the world and living in a big city.  After I finished high-school I finally made my dream come true. I saved up money and bought a one-way ticket to Australia. I spend a whole year working and travelling in this beautiful country, which changed my life forever. I came back as a totally different person. With the big dream, to return and live in Australia one day. I am forever thankful that I went on this travel. It made me become this adventurous, life loving person that I am today. It taught me that everything is possible, you just have to want it enough.

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How I moved to Barcelona…

On my way back from Australia I had a month stopover in Thailand, where I discovered my passion for diving.  When I returned to my home town after this year of adventure and passion I couldn’t stand staying there anymore. For me it was clear that I wanted to move to a big city where I can meet new, international people. I also wanted to study, so it had to be somewhere affordable, which sadly excluded Australia. After doing some research I found that Barcelona would be the best alternative for me. Studying in Spain is cheaper than in many other countries and I already learned some Spanish in high school. It was the perfect way for me to practice the language. Besides, it has a similar climate to Australia and a beach. I studies Marketing Management for 4 years here, the classes were in Spanish and English which really helped me to improve the language.



How I met my boyfriend…

Exactly in the first week that I started studying I met my boyfriend Diego, who is known on Instagram as Diegoschk. It was hist first night in Barcelona, he came here for a year to study a Master in Marketing.  We met in front of the latino club ‘La Fira‘, which is a great club for reggeton lovers. He instantly invited me for a drink and we started talking about his last name Schneckenburger which comes from his great grandfather who came from Germany. Diego is from Guatemala and his long german last name make a lot of people laugh. From that day we started dating and fall in love very fast. He even decided to study another master in order to stay a second year with me in Barcelona. In the past 4 years we explored almost all Central America during my long study holidays. So I could get to know his country but also the surrounding countries like Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras. We had an amazing time exploring the Caribbean, we are both certified scuba divers and love exploring the underwater world and outdoors.


What we are doing now, our goals…

After having a one-year long distance relationship he finally moved to me to Barcelona. But we felt like we need a new adventure, a new professional challenge. 

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Guatemala – our new adventure

In November 2018 we decided to move to Guatemala and open an ethical online shop there, selling handmade accessories such as handbags, convertible bags, wallets, cosmetic bags, camera straps, carpets and pillow cases. The idea came on one of my last trips here. I always loved the typical textiles of the Mayan women so much and thought it would be wonderful to show them to the rest of the world. And in the same time I thought it would be great to help the local people of Guatemala. 80% of the population live in poverty so they can really need any support they can get. With our online shop we provide the local community with work. So now we are working hard with the people here to create beautiful unique accessories and to open the Online shop in May. If you are interested and would like to know what we are doing, leave your e-mail address on our website and get notified when we LAUNCH. You can already have a sneak peak on our Instagram @mayalla_official. On the side I work as influencer and freelancer offering social media marketing services. I am excited to take you on my adventure!

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