Social-media-marketing-banner WORK WITH METhe shift from traditional marketing to online marketing has created a new, more efficient way of advertising products and services. Many brands have already acknowledged the power of transmitting the image and values of their brand through a more personal and credible approach and take advantage of the influencer’s authority and community. Let me help you engage with your customers and build up a long-lasting relationship with them! I am a passionate, authentic content creator with a loyal audiance. Everyday I personally engage with my community and create beautiful, creative content. Learn more about influencer marketing here! 


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I want to create a community of likeminded people that is build up on trust, transparency and authenticity. That’s why I only work with brands that I personally stand behind.

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Influencer Marketing – Collaboration:

Blog post:

wordpress-logo-150x150 WORK WITH MECreation of a dedicated blog post with informative text and high-quality photos/videos that catch the readers eye. The blog post has the advantage that I can describe your product or service more in depth. I can link your website and describe my personal experience with your brand. This has the advantage in one that the consumer gets a lot of information about your brand and product/service, where and how to purchase it and also receives an instant feedback and description of user experience. The created photos and videos will sent to you, so you can use the content for your company’s website and social media.

Instagram and Facebook post:

Social-media-logos WORK WITH MECreation of permanent posts and stories that will be shared with my followers, a creative caption mentioning your service or product and a high-quality photo or/and video. The social media posts have the advantage that they will be viewed by a large number of targeted people. The key here is to create a creative catching photo/video that steals the attention of the users, showing your product/service in a not obvious way in a lifestyle context. The first line of the caption will be catchy, the rest will describe more in depth your product/service and where to purchase it, by giving a direct link to your profile and mentioning your website.


Blog Ads

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Take advantage of my Blog’s visability and targeted niche audiance and advertise your product/service here. My community consitst of travel and fashion enthusiasts from around the Globe. My blog is the perfect platform for any travel, outdoor, beauty, and fashion brand.



Social Media Marketing:

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Hire me as your social media marketing manager, and let a professional do the work for you. I have more than 3 years experience in social media marketing and a marketing diploma. I can assure you to increase engagement, create a high number of followings and drive sales. I work KPI oriented and deliver you the latest KPI’s statistics of your social media campaigns.

For WHO? -> Small businesses (restaurants, cafés, hotels..) , influencers, blogger, artist, models, actors, private people .

For WHAT? -> Instagram & Facebook: Grow followers, create a high engagement (comments, likes), create meaningful content and post for you, management and creation of ads on Instagram &  Facebook.


Shoutouts on Instagram:

instagram-1581266_960_720-300x298 WORK WITH METake advantage of my high visability on Instagram and let me do a shotout for you.  Meaning that I will mention your profile in my story or post, so my followers become aware of your account. With the result that my followers start following your account and start engaging with your content. My followers are real, which you can see on the high number of likes and comments that my posts get. It is a great option for other influencers in the travel and lifestyle sector to grow their followings. Learn more about Instagram shoutouts here!

Or if you have another idea of how we could work together I am more than happy to hear about it! Contact me here or send an e-mail to: 


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